Finalized after 3 years reseraching & developing, in order to produce a gentle skin care range with truly Natural Ingredients based.

Ingredients based on organic by nature aloe vera, plant extracts, essential oils and free from pesticides, petrochemicals and Parabens.

Australia is unique that in PURE isolation from the influences of settlement from other creatures.

Australian aborigines are the true care-takers of this land and its natural resources. Harvesting only those plants needed for survival and teaching their children the dreamtime and history of the bush and how to look after this vast resource to last for every generation

–We call this “Pure South”.

Pure South passes on the knowledge of our aborigine earth guardians and the plants that they used. Extracts which are high in natural anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals unique to the continent of Australia. Ingredients that are pure from contaminants, preserved over time through geographic isolation and minimal interference by man.

Pure South Organic

Simply: Organic – technically means an (ingredient, product or food) MUST have a carbon atom. Natural plant extract are organic as they have a carbon atom. An example of non – organic is water. Water is made up of Hydrogen and Oxygen = H2O it has no carbon atom. On average water makes up 60 to 85% of skin care products. Therefore in most skin care only 1% to 40% of the total ingredients are possibly “organic”.

Pure South products are truly organic by nature: what we do differently is we use Aloe vera juice to replace the water component – giving our products 98%+ true organic by nature ingredients and natural plant based preservatives…. An honest approach.