How Pure South Fresh Goat’s Milk products differ from other brands:

  • Natural Plant Aroma, Natural Preservatives and Petrochemical FREE

    Indigenous to the Australian bush, Aborigines have been using these plants for centuries to maintain good health.

  • Rose oil, Rosella extract, Geranium oil & Orange Sweet oil.

    Pure South Rose & Rosella Organic body products offer all the benefits of premium Rose oil combined with the natural anti-oxidants and vitamin enriched properties of Rosella extract.

  • Rose oil is a natural astringent which calms and balances the skin. A nurturing blend for sensitive and mature skin, utilizing gentle toning and long lasting moisturizing properties.

  • Tea Tree oil, Blue Gum Eucalyptus oil, Mandarin oil & Geranium oil.

    Pure South Organic Australian Tea Tree & Blue Gum body products assist in creating a natural healthy barrier to everyday pollutants and germs. Organic skin care which gives you an opportunity to refresh and invigorate your body, particularly within a busy lifestyle or in times of stress.

  • Orange Blossom

    Pure South Orange Blossom skin and body products are organic plant derived extracts which nourish and hydrate the skin.

  • The natural astringent properties of the Orange flower blossom and vitamin enriched citrus oils combine to work towards firming, gently cleansing and moisturizing the most sensitive skin. Orange blossom oil, commonly known as Neroli oil is derived from the freshly opened bitter orange flower buds providing a potent yet delicate floral note which is both seductive and naturally vibrant.

  • Australian Sandalwood oil, Mountain Pepper extract, Cedarwood oil, Clove Leaf oil & Rosemary oil.

    Pure South Organic Australian Sandalwood & Mountain Pepper body products are drawn for the pristine natural environment of the southernmost region of Australia from renewable plantation grown plant species.

  • Sandalwood oil has been established to be antibacterial and to have natural anti-inflammatory qualities. Tasmanian Mountain Pepper is combined with the subtle tones of Sandalwood oil to arouse the senses within a spicy and exotic aroma whilst nourishing and balancing your skin.